Breast Actives Alcohol

Many studies show that alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer. An analysis of combined data studies found 53 per alcoholic beverages per day consumed, the relative risk of breast cancer increased by seven per cent [19]. Women who had two or three alcoholic beverages per day had a higher risk of 20 percent of breast cancer [19]. Alcohol can increase the risk of cancer in several ways. Alcohol can change the shape of a female body metabolizes estrogen (in body), thus increasing the blood levels of estrogen. Estrogen levels are considered non-drinkers [17] in women, alcohol later. In turn, these high levels of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer [17]. More information about the risk of estrogen and breast cancer. . Alcohol may reduce blood levels of the vitamin folic acid. Folic acid plays a role in copy and DNA repair. Low levels of folic acid may make it more likely that the DNA is successfully copied when cells divide. These errors can cause the cells to a path to cancer. No one should be much alcohol. For those who drink alcohol, preliminary results suggest that get enough folic acid (often called folate on nutrition labelling) the risk of additional breast can reduce alcohol-related [20-21]. However, not all studies show that folic acid reduces this additional risk [22-24]. This is an area of active research. Folic acid is part of a healthy diet. It is possible that folic acid from a multivitamin supplements or foods such as oranges, vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals get. No one should be much alcohol. More than one drink per day (for women) and more than two drinks per day (for men) has no benefit for health and serious health risks, including cancer. Moderate consumption of alcohol can lower, however, in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and dead [25-26]. Talk with your doctor and make informed decisions about alcohol, moderate consumption of alcohol. . Some results indicate that you have cancer survivors breast cancer who drink alcohol after being diagnosed a higher risk of recurrence [27]. However, other studies have shown no difference in recurrence among survivors that alcohol in moderation (less than one drink a day for women) and the survivors breast actives alcohol are not drinkers [28-29]. Results of studies of alcohol and survival are also mixed. Studies have shown that breast cancer survivors cancer patients who drink alcohol, have an increased risk of death, while others do not [27-31]. One of the reasons for these conflicting results may drink in moderation for health use some. It is possible to reduce high and deaths [25-26] the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure. Excessive consumption of alcohol has no health benefit, only health risks. . 3 know what is normal for you and talking to your doctor if you have any of these changes in the breast (see photo). * Please note that the information on the articles of Komen has currents at display time. Therefore, some information in this moment can be overcome. Last updated 05 14, 11. .